Self-check And Maintenance For Lead Oxide Equipment


Inspect all parts of the lead oxide equipment for abrasion or parts damage.Check whether fasteners are tight, check whether the braking device is sensitive and there is no rub phenomenon.Check for good lubrication or add grease. Appearance of body and motor should be clean, no dust and  no greasy dirt.The safety cover should be complete .


When it starts, it needs to be watched by professionals, and workers need to do their protective work and wear protective clothes, because lead oxide is a toxic substance, to avoid damaging your health .Check whether the equipment is rotating smoothly, no noise, no abnormal vibration, whether the motor is overheating and other problems.If there is any abnormal phenomenon, please stop the machine in time


After the use of equipment workers should pay attention to clean up, whether there is any material residue, clean up the equipment, and keep the surrounding environment clean.Check whether there is any abrasion phenomenon after the operation of the equipment, whether the lubrication of relevant parts is good, whether lubrication needs to be added more, etc., to ensure that the equipment is intact, so as to extend the service life.

Post time: Sep-05-2019