Now that battery technology is so advanced, why are lead-acid batteries still used in cars?


How old are lead-acid batteries?It was invented in 1859 by G.Plante, a Frenchman. It has a history of 160 years.In 1927 German company Bosch developed the lead-acid battery for cars. Since it was applied to cars, the technology has hardly changed.

Lead acid battery for car battery commonly called as storage battery, when mentioned it comes to the mind a bulky image.Lying inside automobile engine compartment ,it is square,dirty , dark and heavy, and it will occupy a space and increase the weight of the car , its function is just start the engine and short time power supply for car lights and multimedia when flameout state .Its use intensity is very low, but even so it’s life is very short, generally it can be three or four years, at most five years when good maintenance.

Compared with lead-acid battery, today’s battery technology is quite developed.For example, lithium battery has smaller volume, larger capacity, longer life and other advantages.A lithium battery has been able to let a pure electric car run a distance of 500 or 600 kilometers.

So why do fuel cars still use old-fashioned lead-acid batteries as starting batteries?The reasons are as follows:

The first : stability. Although lithium battery is advanced, but the biggest weakness is nonresistant to high and low temperature.But lead-acid battery is not like this, even at the low temperature of -50°, lead-acid battery can still start the car. But if -15°, lithium battery will be sharply declined.

The second : safety. The first is safety in the high-temperature environment. As we all know, the engine compartment temperature of a car is very high, especially for turbocharged models.The second is the safety in case of collision. The starting battery is located in the head of the car, which is easily affected in the collision. Even if the lead-acid battery is deformed, it will not burn and explode, which is also a big advantage.

The third: economical. For lead-acid battery ,electrode material, electrolyte or assembly environment requirements are far below the lithium ion battery.Take the example of electrode materials , lead-acid battery uses a low cost material of lead oxide and lead sulfate, but lithium batteries uses cobalt acid lithium, lithium titanate, graphene. You can feel the cost differences just by listening its name.

So is it possible that lithium batteries will replace lead-acid batteries as the starting battery for fuel cars in the future?With advances in battery temperature control, this is still possible.

Post time: Nov-22-2019