Comparison of Lead salt stabilizer and Calcium Zinc stabilizer

1.Advantages of Lead salt stabilizer:

FIRST: Both thermal stability and lubricity, especially good long-term thermal stability;

SECOND: good electrical insulation and weather resistance;

THIRD: low price;

FOURTH: good processing performance suitable for various processes;


1) can not be used for transparent products;

2) toxic !!!


2.Calcium and Zinc stabilizer advantages:

FIRST: environmental protection products;

SECOND: completely solve the problem of sulfur and lead pollution;

THIRD:Good changing adaptability;If you used a lead-salt stabilizer, changing to another stabilizer may cause cross-contamination, but calcium and zinc stabilizers can ease your concerns;

FOURTHlow specific gravity, can increase the inorganic filler appropriately, reduce the cost.

Post time: Dec-31-2019