Application Of Litharge

Litharge is used as pigment lead white, making lead soap, metallurgical adjuvant, paint drier, ceramic material, rubber vulcanization accelerator, insecticide, lead salt plastic stabilizer material(TBLS ,DBLP), lead glass industry material, lead salt industry intermediate material.Small amount is used in traditional Chinese medicine and battery industry, and used in radiation – resistant rubber products.

According to the national standards of the ministry of chemical industry, lead oxide is divided into three grades: The first grade :purity of yellow lead is not less than 99% .The second grade: purity of yellow lead is not less than 97%. The third grade :purity of yellow lead is not less than 95%. It can be used in egg transformation processing.Litharge is a heavy metal salt, which can coagulate proteins.Also because of its strong corrosion, it can promote ingredients into the egg penetration, shorten the maturation time, and reduce the protein alkali, with the effect of hyperchromicity, apart from the shell.But too much litharge can make the shell thinner and cause corrosion spots and even protein decay .

Post time: Sep-05-2019