About Us

Our Story

Xianglin Machinery is a national prominent high-tech enterprise ,which is one of the largest manufacturers for lead oxide plant in China.We are committed to design, research and develop, and manufacture all kinds of lead oxide equipment and PVC stabilizer equipment.According to customer’s demand in capacity of machine and parameter of product ,we design proper project, including layout of workshop and technical guidance.

Production equipment and technology are both the most advanced in the world . Our machine has been sold to Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Nigeria and more than 20 countries.And in China almost all red lead and litharge are made by our machines.Our equipment received good comments and praise from domestic and overseas customers .


Our Team :

We have a research and development team of more than 10 people, who have more than 20 years of R&D experience. In the domestic and overseas we also have experimental bases , and the raw materials lead ingot that used in the experiments exceed 1000 tons per year. They have been making the equipment more stable, higher output, lower energy consumption, easy to operate and more pro-environmental.


★ Granular and powder red lead manufacturing plant

★ Granular and powder litharge manufacturing plant

★ Barton mill plant

★ Ball mill plant

★ Lead stearate plant

★ Tribasic lead sulphate plant (TBLS PLANT)

★ Dibasic lead phosphite plant (DBLP PLANT)

★ Calcium stearate plant

★ Zinc stearate plant

★ One pack stabilzier plant

The turnkey project includes technical design,workshop layout , installation , debug,training and after-sale service .